Old Scars – title and cover reveal

I started writing the sequel to Cold Inside in July 2017, five months before Cold Inside was published. It’s now March 2019, and this is the longest I’ve taken to write a novel (so far).

The sequel is called Old Scars. I like the title quite a lot, so please don’t use it for a crappy three-page novella that gets published on Amazon before my book comes out. Thanks in advance for that.

Old Scars is currently being read by my test readers, and me, although I have already read it many times – but not right from start to finish because I only ‘finished’ writing it yesterday. That was World Book Day and the timing was definitely not deliberate. I wanted to finish it by the end of February this year but I didn’t quite manage that.

If you read Cold Inside and you liked it, and you wished I’d write a sequel that was bigger, faster, more brutal, packed full of even more badass characters… you may well be in for a treat.

Here’s the cover (in lo-res jpeg format). It could change before publication so don’t fall madly in love with it just yet.

I don’t have a publication date to announce yet. Once the test-reading phase is complete, I’ll probably be able to provide that information. Until then…you’ll just have to wait.

Crime novel blog part 9 – Cold Inside published for Kindle

Cold Inside is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. Links for Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk pages are below. If you’re in a different region, you can find the book by searching Amazon for the unique Amazon reference code B0768HNCF4.

You can get all the details about this book, and the Amazon links (also included below), on the Cold Inside page on this site.Cold Inside


If you are interested in finding out even more about this book, please get in touch via the contact page on this site. The same goes for anyone who fancies an advance review copy, or just wants a free copy of the finished version.

Painting The Dragon – in pre-order for 12th Dec publication

The latest novel in the Kate Hayes series – Painting The Dragon – has been submitted to Amazon for pre-order. I’ll add the Amazon .com and .co.uk links on this site as soon as they’re available.


Painting The Dragon should be available for pre-order within 24-48 hours, depending on your Amazon region. The publication date is set for 12th December 2016.

Once again, I have managed to hit a promised publication deadline. Just imagine how great this would be if I was writing for my day-job, not to mention how great it would be if anyone actually read any of these books.

As always, if you would like a free copy to review, or just to save yourself 99p, all you need to do is ask.

Midnight Cocktail – published on Kindle (and paperback)

I know, I know – I apologise to Bram Stoker for deliberately choosing May 26th for the Kindle release of Midnight Cocktail. It’s a tribute, okay, not plagiarism or the death of originality. Not that I’ve shied away from either of those too much, but you’re going to have to read the whole book to find out just how much.

I’ll start with the cover, because that’s always a good place to start and, according to popular opinion, that’s usually as far as most people get if the cover doesn’t catch their attention. The original Midnight Cocktail cover (the predominantly white one) was mostly done by me, with a lot of helpful suggestions from a couple of friends, plus an excellent New York skyline image by Michael Tompsett, for which I am still very grateful.

However, despite how much I like that cover, it didn’t suit the book. It’s just a bit too ambiguous – it could be a crime story, a thriller, murder mystery, but not really a Neo-Noir Vampire novel. I had a couple of honest, critical and decidedly unambiguous comments from people who have a lot more experience of this kind of thing than I do. To summarise – “It’s ok but a bit boring.” and “It looks more like a crime thriller or horror novel, and it’s likely going to confuse buyers”. I’m extremely thankful to them, because not only were they right, but they were generous enough to tell me the truth.

On a recommendation, I contacted Nikolai Ostertag, a freelance artist specialising in fantasy art. The cover that you now see, and that will hopefully be updated on Amazon very soon – it’s not an instantaneous process – is the work of Nikolai and I am very happy with it. I don’t describe Lana V (Midnight Cocktail protagonist) in the book [which may or may not be a spoiler, depending on your expectations] but Nikolai was able to capture pretty much exactly how I imagined she would look after we had exchanged a few emails. I’m obviously not going to tell you how I described Lana to Nikolai, because that would definitely spoil something!

Midnight Cocktail is not a huge book, coming in at just under 60,000 words, which is at the low end for a full novel. That has a lot to do with the fact that it has been edited with a hefty chainsaw and written to a strict and tight agenda: action, entertainment and zero flab.

Amazon links for Midnight Cocktail are below. If your territory is not .com or .co.uk, search for this ASIN on Amazon: B00WYR85FY

buy-from-button-amazon buyamzon-button-uk

If you like the “Look Inside” Kindle sample enough to want to read the whole book, that’s great. If you go on to read the whole book and enjoy it enough to want even more, here’s some good news: I’m writing the sequel right now, aiming for a late 2015 release. I’ll do a title reveal in a month or two, and a cover reveal probably somewhere around August.

If you write a book blog or you contribute to a review site, please contact me for a review copy of Midnight Cocktail. See the contact page for how to do that.

Playing The Ace – published 3rd April 2015

It’s out. Go buy it.

No, it’s fine. I know you won’t. My fault entirely. I should have written some YA fantasy novels instead of this smutty stuff.

The funny thing is, the little tiny silver lining that keeps me doing this, is that the people who have read these books and let me know what they think– single figures, very low single figures – well, they really like them.

This reminds me of when I was in a band. We used to pull single figure crowds on a good night, but we played like maniacs every time, no matter if it was to an empty room, and we made damn sure that that the one guy sitting at the bar got to hear a really good gig even if he wasn’t particularly interested.

Same deal with these books. They’re the best I can make them. If you are the only person on the planet who reads them, you’re going to be entertained.

But don’t take my word for it. Go read something else. It’s safer that way.