Playing The Ace – published 3rd April 2015

It’s out. Go buy it.

No, it’s fine. I know you won’t. My fault entirely. I should have written some YA fantasy novels instead of this smutty stuff.

The funny thing is, the little tiny silver lining that keeps me doing this, is that the people who have read these books and let me know what they think– single figures, very low single figures – well, they really like them.

This reminds me of when I was in a band. We used to pull single figure crowds on a good night, but we played like maniacs every time, no matter if it was to an empty room, and we made damn sure that that the one guy sitting at the bar got to hear a really good gig even if he wasn’t particularly interested.

Same deal with these books. They’re the best I can make them. If you are the only person on the planet who reads them, you’re going to be entertained.

But don’t take my word for it. Go read something else. It’s safer that way.

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