Cold Inside

Cold Inside is available in paperback and for Kindle.

Cold Inside

Cold Inside is a crime thriller with a dark touch of mystery. It is set in the north of England, in November 1985.

This novel is available in paperback and from the Amazon Kindle store. The links for and are below. To search for Cold Inside on your local regional Amazon, please use the Amazon code B0768HNCF4.


A hard winter. A string of brutal murders. An unstoppable killer.

A young woman dies at the scene of a suspicious hit-and-run. The evidence leads to a former schoolmate of the victim, but Detective Sergeant Dan Blacksmith doesn’t trust the evidence.

As the death toll rises, and the police become targets, can Dan and his partner discover the killer’s identity in time?

Cold Inside is set during November 1985, in the UK city of Kingston upon Hull.

*** ‘cracking pace’ (The Ampersand Agency) ***
*** ‘Cold Inside is a tight thriller with a slight period flavour – and no help at all for insomniacs!’ (Stuart Carter – ***

Stuart Carter –

Test reader responses:
*** ‘unputdownable’ ***
*** ‘bloody brilliant!’ *** 
*** ‘Damn you, I didn’t get to sleep until 3 a.m. because I couldn’t stop reading’ ***

The paperback looks like this:.