Painting The Dragon – in pre-order for 12th Dec publication

The latest novel in the Kate Hayes series – Painting The Dragon – has been submitted to Amazon for pre-order. I’ll add the Amazon .com and links on this site as soon as they’re available.


Painting The Dragon should be available for pre-order within 24-48 hours, depending on your Amazon region. The publication date is set for 12th December 2016.

Once again, I have managed to hit a promised publication deadline. Just imagine how great this would be if I was writing for my day-job, not to mention how great it would be if anyone actually read any of these books.

As always, if you would like a free copy to review, or just to save yourself 99p, all you need to do is ask.

Painting The Dragon – Title & cover reveal

I’ve grown up, accepted the truth, become a born-again realist. Take your pick. But for now, here’s the cover of the next book I’m going to release.

Painting the Dragon Cover Kindle final

I’m publishing this one because it’s already written and I already paid for the cover art tattoo and got the cover designed and produced by a very good friend of mine. All I need to do is edit what I’ve written and get it formatted.

Then I’m going to do what I have spent a few years learning the hard way. I’m going to write books that you are going to want to read.

I’ve missed the contemporary romance comedy smut boat, I know that. That one has sailed and I wasn’t even on the dock to wave goodbye. Nobody wants to read these books, and I was kidding myself when I thought these were the kind of books I’d get anywhere writing. I know that now. I enjoyed writing them and I’ve heard a few people say they enjoyed them too. But it’s going nowhere.

Everyone else out there who is getting somewhere with what they create – I read your books and I listen to your albums and I watch your movies. And I’m grateful to you for creating the good stuff.