Old Scars – title and cover reveal

I started writing the sequel to Cold Inside in July 2017, five months before Cold Inside was published. It’s now March 2019, and this is the longest I’ve taken to write a novel (so far).

The sequel is called Old Scars. I like the title quite a lot, so please don’t use it for a crappy three-page novella that gets published on Amazon before my book comes out. Thanks in advance for that.

Old Scars is currently being read by my test readers, and me, although I have already read it many times – but not right from start to finish because I only ‘finished’ writing it yesterday. That was World Book Day and the timing was definitely not deliberate. I wanted to finish it by the end of February this year but I didn’t quite manage that.

If you read Cold Inside and you liked it, and you wished I’d write a sequel that was bigger, faster, more brutal, packed full of even more badass characters… you may well be in for a treat.

Here’s the cover (in lo-res jpeg format). It could change before publication so don’t fall madly in love with it just yet.

I don’t have a publication date to announce yet. Once the test-reading phase is complete, I’ll probably be able to provide that information. Until then…you’ll just have to wait.

Crime novel blog part 6 – COVER REVEAL

It’s coming…Cold Inside

Check out the book page on this site for Cold Inside to find out more.

If you are interested in finding out even more about this book, please get in touch via the contact page on this site. The same goes for anyone who fancies an advance review copy, or just wants a free copy as soon as it is available.

Painting The Dragon – Title & cover reveal

I’ve grown up, accepted the truth, become a born-again realist. Take your pick. But for now, here’s the cover of the next book I’m going to release.

Painting the Dragon Cover Kindle final

I’m publishing this one because it’s already written and I already paid for the cover art tattoo and got the cover designed and produced by a very good friend of mine. All I need to do is edit what I’ve written and get it formatted.

Then I’m going to do what I have spent a few years learning the hard way. I’m going to write books that you are going to want to read.

I’ve missed the contemporary romance comedy smut boat, I know that. That one has sailed and I wasn’t even on the dock to wave goodbye. Nobody wants to read these books, and I was kidding myself when I thought these were the kind of books I’d get anywhere writing. I know that now. I enjoyed writing them and I’ve heard a few people say they enjoyed them too. But it’s going nowhere.

Everyone else out there who is getting somewhere with what they create – I read your books and I listen to your albums and I watch your movies. And I’m grateful to you for creating the good stuff.

Fourth novel – cover reveal

Here’s the cover for my soon-to-be-released fourth novel, Cheating Sunrise. It’s the second book in the Blood:Lust series, and that’s pretty much all I’m giving away right now…

The cover was created by Nikolai Ostertag.

Cheating Sunrise front cover

Click on the image above to open a full size view of it.

I went back to the artist responsible for the Midnight Cocktail cover because I wanted some image continuity, also because Nikolai is a great artist, fun to work with, and very efficient at producing exactly what I ask for.

More details, including a release date, will be posted here soon. I’m anticipating a release in the first quarter of 2016, but a lot depends on feedback from test readers. If you would like to be involved with that, please let me know via the contact page on this site.