Free books – 05 to 09 December 2019

Christmas special sale – Get your two free crime novels here. You can follow the links from each book’s page on this site.

Cold Inside Page
Old Scars Page

Christmas 2019 free books



Free books in June 2019

To mark the upcoming Amazon Kindle release of Old Scars (currently available to pre-order), I am putting three of my other crime/thriller novels on free offer in consecutive weeks through June.

A picture is worth a few dozen words, so here you go:

Free books – special offer

To celebrate the launch of my new sixth novel, Cold Inside, I will be offering the two novels from my vampire series – Blood:Lust – free for a limited time.

The books are Midnight Cocktail and Cheating Sunrise.

Both those books will be free for five days – Monday 4th December to Friday 8th December.

Grab ’em while they’re free, have a blast reading them, and do me a massive favour by leaving a review on Amazon.

Links to the books on and are on their website pages which are linked above. Or click the cover images below to go to their pages on this site.