Cheating Sunrise – test reading has started

I’m in that intriguing, exciting period (which usually lasts about 5 minutes) between finishing the last chapter and entering the test-reading phase. Right now, I’m doing the non-writing stuff which is mostly just me sending the book out to a few people to test read.

I will be going back to re-read and edit the whole book several times myself, to get it as polished as it needs to be before I go into publishing mode.

This is a very rough estimate, but I reckon I’ll have Cheating Sunrise ready for pre-order within a month. It’s going to be on Amazon Kindle for digital, and also available in paperback. I’ll do a back-cover reveal before the book goes on sale, but I’ll probably leave that for a couple of weeks while I’m editing.

The book doesn’t have its own page on this site yet, so I’ll also be sorting that out very soon.