Cheating Sunrise – spoiler free FAQ

With my fourth novel in a limbo state, half published (paperback is out) and half not published (Kindle version isn’t available for pre-order for a few more days)ƒ, I have time to post a quick FAQ to answer those burning questions that I know you are eager to ask.

Is Cheating Sunrise a chronological sequel to Midnight Cocktail, and do I need to read Midnight Cocktail first?
Yes and no. The events in Cheating Sunrise occur after the events in Midnight Cocktail, and several of the characters appear in both books, but you don’t need to have read Midnight Cocktail in order to to fully enjoy Cheating Sunrise.

Why aren’t the vampires in the Blood:Lust series the usual supernatural vamps with paranormal powers?
The vamps in Midnight Cocktail and Cheating Sunrise are a separate species that evolved alongside humans. They are not the undead, and they don’t have superpowers. They do live for a very long time, have fangs, love the taste of blood, and tend to stay out of the sunlight. But no superpowers, no mind-reading, no turning into bats, or mist, or angst-stricken teens.

Midnight Cocktail has a lot of gratuitously graphic sex scenes. Is Cheating Sunrise the same?
No. This was a fundamental design decision based on feedback which made it clear that my readers preferred “the second half of Midnight Cocktail” which was the half with more story, plot, and action than smut.

Does [a particular character from Midnight Cocktail] come back in Cheating Sunrise?
Sorry, that would be a spoiler. Lana is back, fairly obviously, but I’m not going to say anything about any of the other characters as I don’t want to ruin the surprises.

Where do the events in Cheating Sunrise take place?
Lana still lives in New York but, as in Midnight Cocktail, the events of the story take her to various other locations.

Who did the cover art for Cheating Sunrise?
The excellent cover was created by Nikolai Ostertag, who also did the Midnight Cocktail cover.

How many people read Cheating Sunrise before it was published?
Three, and they provided a lot of really valuable – and different – feedback and recommendations that have helped make it the book that it is.

How much is the paperback version of Cheating Sunrise, and why is it so expensive?
$16.49 (US) or £9.99 (UK). Trust me, I’m not making much out of that because the print-on-demand costs are pretty high for a 400+ page book. Cheating Sunrise weighs in at 432 pages in its paperback format. If I could make it less expensive, I would, but I can’t.

How much is the Kindle version of Cheating Sunrise going to be?
The special pre-order price will be 0.99c / 0.99p for the full pre-order period. Once the book is published (meaning after the pre-order period ends) the price will go up, probably to about £2.49 and whatever the equivalent is in all the other regions.

If there was an audiobook of Cheating Sunrise, who would do the narrating?
I’d like to hear Cheating Sunrise read by Alissa White-Gluz.

When is the next book in the Blood:Lust series coming out?
Possibly late 2017. I will have at least one other book published before that.