Cheating Sunrise – formatting and preparing to publish

Cheating Sunrise front cover

My fourth novel, the second book in the Blood:Lust series, is currently being formatted for its release on the Amazon Kindle store. Once again, I am having the ebook formatting done by the extremely efficient, friendly and professional Polgarus Studio. I’m planning to have the Kindle version available for pre-order on or before next Friday, March 18th, with a release date approximately a month later, in mid-April.

During the pre-order period, Cheating Sunrise will be on sale at the special pre-order price of 99p / 99c, with a release price of £2.49 / $2.99. Save yourself some money and get in early for this one.

Cheating Sunrise will also be available in paperback, where the gorgeous cover (by Nikolai Ostertag) is going to look really rather excellent. I’ll post a picture of the paperback as soon as I have the image available.

I’m very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response from my test readers on Cheating Sunrise. The deliberate change of theme (essentially dropping the gratuitous smut in favour of a character-driven action adventure) was well-received, which was hardly surprising considering the feedback I received for Midnight Cocktail where most people who bothered to comment said they preferred the second half of the book.

In my next blog post, I’ll provide a bit more information about Cheating Sunrise, hopefully with some details about the book’s location on Amazon.


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